The 2021 assessment will be $310
with 34 votes for that and 17 votes for
The total represents 10.2% of
homeowners voting
Welcome to
851 Country Stone Dr.
Manchester, MO 63021
2019 Swim
& Results
The 2020 parade on Huntington View will not
be the last parade organized & publicized.
Two other families have agreed to keep it
Homeowner Safety Checklist
Please contact the Architectural
Control Committee  BEFORE doing ANY
outside work on your home.  It could
save you money,time & frustration.
Architectural Control below.
As a reminder, trees near the curb and between
sidewalks & the curb are the responsibility of
the homeowner whose property that area
touches.  Also, leaves are not to be raked or
blown into the street.  Doing so causes clogging
issues with storm sewers. Use the free weekly
yard waste pickup provided by Manchester.
Architectural Control
BEFORE. Please
contact the ACC before
doing ANY outside work on
your home.  It could save
you money,
time & frustration.
Architectural Control
2019 Swim Team Photo
Countrylane Woods II
Local & Emergency Information, Helpful Internet Sites
6/26/20 Update to allowed colors for terrace home.

CLW II has entered into an agreement with Surburban Bowhunters for the 2020-21 archery deer hunting
season who has registered with the Manchester Police Dept. to do so.

7 Ways to Help Prevent Fires at home during Natinal Fire Prevention Week.
Newsletters            Meeting Agendas        Meeting Minutes        3/5/20 Corp. Agenda
A contractor's discount has been established with Sherwin-Williams (15539 Manchester Rd.,
636-256-8700) for paints & stains for our subdivision.  The
account is named Countrylane Woods II.
limited discount via mail or email or there is a nationwide sale in progress.  Those could be lower and
you would want to use them under your own name.  Other than those discounts, the subdivision
discount will get you the best pricing during the year.  Let your contractor know this too.
New siding material for the cedar terrace homes as well as the traditional homes has been identified
as a cost effective solution to T1-11. James Hardie products, no matter the style, are no longer an
allowed siding replacement. See products by
CertainTeed, Maxitile, & LP SmartSiding that do conform.
Be sure and check with the Architectural Control Committee before beginning repair or enhancements
to your home.
 Click here for more information.
WiFi is available at the clubhouse for renter's use and will be available for all pool users during the
summer.  AT&T U-verse HD TV service is available using wireless set top boxes on two 50" wall
mounted flat panel TVs.
HELP-Let us know if you are viewing our website.  Click on Contact Webmaster here or above and
send your name and street address. It will only take a minute and would be most appreciated. Thanks.

The next Trustee/HOA meeting, The Annual Corproate Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 4, 2021
from 7:00p to 9:00p at 200 Highlands Drive, 2nd Floor, Police facility
 Masks Required-Room is
organized for social distancing with Limited Attendance.
As a reminder, no building, greenhouse, trellis,
fencing, statue, monument, or other type of
out-building may be placed in any part of a lot
without the approval of the Architectural
Control Committee, (ACC)
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This web site: Serving the neighborhood for 15 years as of August 11, 2020
Last Update:
February 24,
2021 @
8:35 am CST
The CLW II Trustees have the following decisions in place until further notice:

Playground is now open effective 8/11/20. Please follow STL County rules as follows. Sign is posted.
Tennis/Pickle Ball Courts reopened 5/22/2

. The picnic area will continue to be closed until further notice.
* Clubhouse reservations may be made now but for 50% occupancy which would be 25 people or less per STL
County guideline changes.

* Manchester information on closings-click here.  05-11-20 Manchester letter.
* Updates as necessary will be posted here.  Stay safe.
At the 9/14/20 Trustee meeting, Trustee Keith Brown submitted his retirement letter effective 12/1/20.
After nearly 15 years he wants to move on to some personal/family/church interests. He enjoyed
working with all the Trustees, ACC members, and many homeowners through the years
Architectural Control--Many of you will be
making improvements and repairs to your
home.  Before doing so, please contact the
Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for most
anything being done outside your home, like
new or repair of siding, painting, fences, desk
repair and construction, window / trim
replacement. You can print the Architectural
Control forms below and then submit them to
the ACC.
Clubhouse--Deluxe U-verse TV programming
is available at the clubhouse.   
WiFi is available
at the clubhouse
for renter's use and will be
for all pool users during the summer.  
AT&T U-verse HD TV service is available using
wireless set top boxes on two 50" wall mounted
flat panel TVs.  USB wall connections are also
available at each TV for axillary equipment (DVD
players, PCs, etc.)
Results of the 2021 Assessment Voting:
$310 - 34 votes; $300 - 17 votes.
The 2021 Assessment will be $310
Use at your own risk. Disinfect playground equipment before and after use> Face coverings & social
distancing required. Wash or sanitize hands before and after use.
An Important Message from Missouri American Water- 2-5-21

This is an important notification from Missouri American Water. With the extreme cold we are expecting,
we want to remind customers to take necessary measures to prevent frozen water pipes and meters. Be
sure you know where your main water shut-off is located and label it for others. Protect your property
by wrapping exposed pipes with insulation and eliminate sources of cold air near any water lines. We
also recommend allowing a small stream of water to run overnight to keep pipes from freezing. Collect
this water for uses such as watering indoor plants or for pets. The cost of keeping a small stream of
water running is very minimal compared to repairing the damage from burst water pipes. If your pipes
do freeze, shut off water immediately at your main shut off. Do not attempt to thaw frozen pipes unless
the water is shut off. To thaw pipes, warm the air around the pipe with a hair dryer, or space heater. DO
NOT USE kerosene heaters, a torch or an open flame and do not leave space heaters unattended.
Please be safe, and for more tips on preventing frozen pipes, please go to
                                                         NOTICE REGARDING WEBSITE

We were notified on Jan. 27 by our current web hosting company (Yahoo/Verizon) that effective
March 31, 2021 the software used to create and maintain our current website will no longer be
supported.  The current trustees are in the process of selecting new software, hosting, and
development capabilities.  On or before March 31 the current website will cease to exist and the new
site will be available April 1 at the same address of  Not all
information from the current website will be available  on day 1, but please be patient as most of the
information will eventually appear on the new site.  We welcome your input in a couple of months.  
We are sorry for this inconvenience but we have no other choice.