Countrylane Woods II
Homeowners Association, Inc.
Corporate Documents
To The Members of Countrylane Woods Homeowners Association Corporation,

Based upon a review of our corporate status, by the subdivision attorney, it was determined that our
corporation, Countrylane Woods II Homeowners Association, did not have a valid set of by-laws. He advised
us of our obligation to draft and adopt a set of by-laws for our corporation. The board members worked with
the attorney to establish a rough draft of the by-laws. We then presented them to a group of homeowners
who had contacted us offering their assistance. The group reviewed the by-laws and was satisfied with the

The bylaws became official when passed by the officers of the Corporation. The subdivision attorney
attempted to file a copy of the bylaws with the Secretary of State for MIssouri, but they passed a policy that
they will no longer maintain this record. A copy of the corporation bylaws may be obtained from the
subdivision website or written request to the corporation secretary at 851 Countrystone Drive, Manchester,
Missouri 63021.
> The appeal filed by John Osthus was heard December 6, 2012, by the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern
On 12/18/12, we received notice that the Court had dismissed the appeal. A subsequent request to
recondiser has also been dismissed by the court on 1/17/13.
 Thanks to everyone for their support and
patience in this ordeal and we can only hope it is finally concluded.