Honeysuckle Removal Updates
Sep. 6, 2016
A meeting was held with  Josh Ward, Private Land Conservationist from the MO Dept. Of
Conservation. He wrote a grant that was approved for $1,400 to offset our expenses to be paid in
common ground & honeysuckle May 2017. Check out the website for coverage.  Anyone who can’t
work but wants to participate could donate with a check to CLW II. An additional $720 has already
been received. For information and/or to volunteer, contact Dexter Hall at 314265-5658 or OR Will Armon at 314-737-8070 or   
Aug. 10, 2016
There was a planning meeting at the clubhouse to determine the approach to honeysuckle
removal. On 8/27/16 seven volunteers participated in a trial removal  from 8:00am to noon behind
Chestnut Ridge.  About an acre was cleared.  The debris was chipped the following Monday. The
before/after pictures are shown
here. Much was learned and two more Saturday removal dates
have been set for 10/29 & 11/5/16 from 8:00a to noon. Those who have already volunteered have
been notified and teams are being established.  Rain date is 11/12.
The honeysuckle cutting project took place on two consecutive Saturdays 10/29/16 and 11/05/16.  
There were 35 volunteers for 10/29 and 27 volunteers for 11/05.  

The following areas were worked:  Windsor Garden Ct, Sandpointe Ct, Almond Hill North, Almond
Hill South, and the area southwest of clubhouse.  The effort generated huge volumes of brush in
all areas that were chipped on the Mondays following the Saturday work events with the
exception of the area along the MSD sewer route south of the clubhouse due to wet grounds.

The area southwest of the clubhouse will need additional attention in the spring as the stumps
have not been treated yet.  A crew with drills and roundup will need to return to the area for
treatment once the growing season begins.

Supplies purchased for the work totaled $274.50.  Total cost of chipping not known at this time
since bills have not yet been received from Arbor Care.  Supplies included heavy duty roundup,
goggles, spray paint, spray bottles, bottler water and ice.  Cost for roundup was higher than
anticipated as the conservation department instructed us to use the product undiluted.  Leftover
supplies include bottled water, 1.5 containers roundup, several pairs of goggles, spray bottles,
and spray paint.  These will be stored at the clubhouse.

Though we harvested large amounts of honeysuckle, we have only made a dent in the project.  I
recommend that this be made an annual event for the foreseeable future.  Also recommend that
the areas already cleared are maintained by re-application of diluted roundup on any new growth,
perhaps in the spring.

--Dexter Hall                    
Oct. 17, 2016
A meeting was held for project crew leaders at the clubhouse with 12 people attending. Click
here for the outline of the meeting.
Nov. 11, 2016
Thanks to all of you who helped with the two Saturday efforts to eradicate honeysuckle from our
common ground.  I think we learned several things from the work:

1)  We have a long way to go to get this menace under control.  Looks like a multi-year project.
2)  We need lots of cooperation from homeowners with regard to stacking the brush in front yards
while awaiting chipper service.
3)  Coordination between the chain saw operators and the Roundup applicators.  Best practices
indicate that Roundup be applied to the cut stump almost immediately following the cut.
4)  We are not as young as we think we are.  This was grueling work.  We need to recruit lots of
young people next time.  High schoolers in need of volunteer hours and boy scout troops come
to mind.

Again, many thanks for your efforts!  Also....the homeowners' association as agreed to reimburse
chain saw providers a nominal amount for chain sharpening or replacement.  If interested,

--Dexter Hall            
Nov. 20. 2016
Chipping charges have been received from Arbor Care as follows:  Chestnut Ridge-Area #1, King
George Ct-Area #7 (Windsor Gardens), Century Oaks (Sandpointe)-Area #2, and Almond Hill
(south)-Area #6, $375 each.  For Almond Hill (north)-Area #6, $325. The total chipping charges so
far for fall 2016 is $ 1,850.
Nov. 22, 2016
Article from The Healthy Planet entitled "Earthworms' Castings" on local honeysuckle removal
projects.  Linked by permission from Editor/Publisher J.B. Lester.
Mar. 5, 2017
* The date has been set for another exciting battle against the infestation of honeysuckle on
Countrylane Woods II common ground.  
Saturday April 1, 2017  9:00 AM  to  12:00 PM  (Rain date:  
* Please respond ( with your willingness to help with the project.  If you
plan to help, please also indicate if you have a chain saw that you can bring.
* Areas to be hit will be limited by the number of volunteers we have.  We made a great start last
fall and here's hoping we can continue to work on eradication measures.  Thanks.
--Dexter Hall
Apr. 2, 2017
ground woods are beginning to return to their natural state allowing for the regeneration of
Click below for some photos of some of the brush pulled from the woods. We had groups
working on two ends of Almond Hill Ct and behind Ploma as well as a massive effort near the
pool and playground.  A chipping service was scheduled to pick up these piles.
We are planning another honeysuckle cutting ion Sat. May 6 from 9:00a to Noon. I'm hoping we
can attract a large number of volunteers for the cut.  Please contact me as
soon as you can. I you have a few neighbors who want to work together on areas that have not
yet been touched, let me know that and we will see that happens.
--Dexter Hall  
May 6, 2017
Many thanks to all of you hardy volunteers for the yeomen's work this Saturday!  All of our
efforts were concentrated around the area in back of the clubhouse playground.  
Left behind for the chipping service:  mountains of honeysuckle brush.
It was gratifying to see the community spirit as we worked to remove this invasive plant, that if
left unchecked, will kill our chances to grow new trees in our neighborhood.
But....our work is not done.  This activity will likely be needed for several years due to the
widespread infestation of honeysuckle in Countrylane Woods. on the lookout later in the year for an announcement about our next honeysuckle
cutting event.  We hope for a huge turnout next time.

--Dexter Hall
June 30, 2017
We received payment from the Missouri Department of Conservation of $812.00 for areas
cleared of honeysuckle during the fall of 2016 & spring of 2017. Details of how the payment
amount was calculated will be forthcoming.  To date, total expenses are $3,873.25 and total
income is $1,532.00 for net expense of $2,341.25.

--CLW II Trustees
October 28, 2017
Honeysuckle Removal Activity Announcement
On 8/27/16 seven volunteers participated in a trial removal  behind Chestnut Ridge.  Since then
5.8 acres have been cleared which generated $812 ($140/acre) of revenue for the subdivision
with the help of Josh Ward, Private Land Conservationist from the MO Dept. of Conservation.
Check out the website for the map showing our common ground & honeysuckle coverage.  
Anyone who can’t work but wants to participate could donate with a check to CLW II. The next
honeysuckle adventure is scheduled for Saturday, October 28 with rain date the following
Saturday. The involvement of some younger residents would be appreciated. The average age
of last year's effort was > 60 years. For information and/or to volunteer, contact Dexter Hall at
314-265-5658 or
November 22. 2017
On October 28, a group of approximately 15 volunteers worked two major areas.  The primary
work site was behind the tennis courts.  I'm not skilled in estimating the area in terms of acres
so will leave that to someone else. The secondary location was on the north side of Country
Stone Ct.  Behind the row of houses is a sizeable strip of common ground that was cut by a
group of neighbors in that area.  I will contact the Missouri Conservation Department to
determine if we might be eligible for reimbursement for the work done.

--Dexter Hall
Hello Friends and Neighbors,

It's that wonderful time of the year again when arm-in-arm, we take to the common ground to
save our woodlands from the dreaded honeysuckle invaders.
WHEN:  The date is
Saturday April 7 with rain date April 14.
WHERE:  Meet at Clubhouse; Common Ground near playground to be worked (No Hills!!!).  It's
fun!  Camaraderie with your neighbors!  And...we are doubling the wage we paid in 2017!
:  9 AM to 11 AM
WHAT:  Need volunteers, especially ones with chain saws.
WHAT ELSE:  Need some folks with trash bags to join the fight and pick up trash in the same
area.  Please RSVP to me (and note if you can bring CHAIN SAW) and also please encourage
your "younger" neighbors to help out. or 314-265-5658

Regards, Dexter Hall, The Honeysuckle Czar
April 8, 2018

Honeysuckle removal will take place on Saturday, April 14 (weather permitting).  See the March
4th information below for directions and needed items.  We look forward to seeing you and for
you help in this worthy project for our subdivision.
May 21, 2018

We received a check in the amount of $630.00 from the Missouri Dept. of Conservation for the
honeysuckle removal for last fall and this spring.

Greetings Neighbors!

The next Honeysuckle Event is scheduled for Saturday
November 3 (rain date: 11/10), 9:00 am
~11:00 am.  
We will assemble near the playground and fan out from there in the common ground.  Cutting
honeysuckle on the common ground and dragging the cuttings to a pick up area will again be
the day's charge.
Please respond with your availability and whether you can bring a chain saw.  If you have
neighbors who are not on this mailing list, please forward to them. or

Dexter Hall
November 3, 2018
Thanks to all who volunteered in today's honeysuckle cutting.  

Removing this invasive weed from our common ground enables the regeneration of native
plants.  Additionally, the removal of honeysuckle minimizes the threat to the local bird
population that would otherwise eat the berries produced by these plants. Looking forward to
continuing this work in the spring.  Hope to see many more volunteers then.

Dexter Hall
Many thanks from all the Trustees for your help and direction of "The Honeysuckle Project".  
This type of conservation provides for a lasting effect in the management of our common
grounds and will be appreciated by many.

Eric, Keith, Will, Murray and Lynn
March 15,2019
The next honeysuckle cutting event is scheduled for Saturday April 6, 2019, from 9:00 AM to
11:00 AM
(Rain Date not until Saturday April 27).
We will complete work on the common ground near the clubhouse.  


Please let me know if you are able to help and if you have a chain saw.

Thank you.                                         
See on facebook
Dexter Hall
To Countrylane Woods Volunteers:
Thanks to all the hearty volunteers who helped with the April 6 honeysuckle cutting project.  
The group worked in and around the common ground south of the clubhouse. It was
exhaustive work but satisfying work as we return the common ground woods to native plant
growth.  Looking forward to clearing more of this invasive weed from more common ground
this fall.
--Dexter Hall                                 
Click here for photo of group
To Countrylane Woods Volunteers:

The next honeysuckle removal date is Oct. 26, 2019, with a rain date of Nov. 2, 2019. More
details provided soon. Looking forward to volunteers contacting me as soon
as possible
(314-265-5658) and to clearing more of this invasive weed from more common ground this fall
and spring.
--Dexter Hall