Meet the Architectural Control Committee Members
I have been a resident of Countrylane Woods II for approximately 40 years,
here for 32 years.  It has lots of light with plenty of room for my husband and
me.  I play  a lot of tennis and volunteer at the zoo

Mary Dippold
swim team parents when my daughter was growing up and on the swim team.  
I was part of the committee who wrote Amendment 3 (siding/color restrictions
for cedar homes) because I believe in preserving our unique neighborhood.  
In 2006 I joined the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and currently
serve as the chairperson for that committee.

Joel Kray
I have been a proud Countrylane Woods II homeowner for over 35 years and
an original ACC member when it was formed initially. I've raised three
children here and two of them have bought homes in this subdivision and
are raising their own children here.

Rosemary Wilder

Tim Martin
Cindy Lyons
focusing on sales & marketing analytics.  In 2018 I joined the Architectural
continuing to maintain our neighborhood as a desirable place to live in West