Meet the Trustees
I lived in the apartments on Huntington Hill (1980-83) three years while
waiting for a cedar terrace home to become available.  The house I was
interested in was on the market 2 days when I put a contract on it in 1983 and
got the home. I love the woodsy ambiance and close proximity to highways.  I
graduated from Southern Illinois Univ.-Carbondale with a BS in Marketing. My
background is in sales with AT&T and am now retired.  I look forward to
helping wherever I can to maintain and improve the wonderful living this
subdivision provides.  Let me know how I can help  you.  I became a trustee
in November 2006 currently hold the position of 1st Vice President in the
Association.  My trustee term will expire on November 30, 2018.

Keith Brown
My family and I love CLW II so much that we moved from Colorado back into
the same house we sold eight years ago  I currently work for AIG as an
account manager and enjoy spending time with my wife and son.  I became a
trustee to continue the fiscal responsibility our current trustees have
implemented and to continue to keep our neighborhood a desirable place to
live in greater St. Louis. I became a trustee in February 2016 and hold the
position of Treasurer in the Association.  My trustee term expires January 31,

Murray Hoyt
I've made many lifelong friends of those who were our neighbors and will
continue to do so.  My goal is to help provide a safe, clean, & healthy
environment to live and raise a family.  Every trustee spends countless
hours each month working to achieve our goals.  I encourage you to
volunteer to help with our countless projects.  I currently am serving my
fourth term as a trustee.  I hold the position of President in the Association.  
My trustee term will expire on January 31, 2019.

Eric Ruegg
I am a long time resident of Countrylane Woods II and an original owner in
the second plat of cedar homes. After living all over the country and in
Germany as an Air Force "brat," I settled in the St. Louis area, graduating
from Parkway Central and the Univ. Of Missouri-St. Louis, with a BA in
Political Science.  Manchester and Countrylane Woods II have become my
"hometown."  I am retired and have the time to contribute to subdivision
business and activities.  I became a trustee on March 31, 2008, hold the
position of Secretary in the Association.  My trustee term will expire on April
30, 2020.

Lynn Lee
My family and I moved to Countrylane Woods II in early 2016. My wife and I
feel especially lucky to raise our two-year old son, Ben, in such a welcoming
community.  I teach U.S. History at Chaminade College Prep.  I received a
bachelor's in American History, a master's in History Education from the Univ.
of Missouri-Columbia, and recently completed my doctorate in Education
Policy from the Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis.  Amy is a school teacher in the
Parkway District. It was the tree-lined streets and wooded areas that so
strongly drew us to CLW II.  I am excited about being a Trustee to continue
the work they do to improve the neighborhood and protect its resources. I
became a trustee in May 2017, currently hold the position of 2nd Vice
President in the Association.  My trustee term will expire on April 30, 2020.

Will Armon