Midwest Pool Management
Reservation Form
and Guidelines
2016 Lifeguard Pool Event Contract - Click to print

The 2016 event rate is $25.00 per hour, per lifeguard.  All lifeguard requests for events to be made
directly to Midwest Pool Management (MPM) by calling Anna at 314-432-1313, ext. 4704.

Midwest Pool Management contract states they are to receive at least two weeks’ notice for all
eventss. It can be extremely difficult to obtain staff; therefore, the following guidelines have been set:

Amount of Notice                    Action by MPM
2 weeks or more                 Event will be staffed
8 to 13 days                         We will try to staff the event at no extra charge
3 to 7 days                           We will try to staff the
event, $15.00 late booking fee
Less than 3 days                We will try to staff the
event but there are no guarantees. If booked,
                      there will be a $25.00 late booking fee.

If we receive less than two weeks notice, we will give the
event sponsor a verification date when
he/she can confirm the
event has been staffed. There is also a $20.00 cancellation fee for all canceled
rentals. If the rental is rescheduled, the cancellation fee will be waived. Because of the large number
of lifeguards that return to school before Labor Day, we are unable to book parties after
August 17,
. We will not book events on the opening, closing, or 4th of July weekends.  When event times
are set, we will add 15 minutes before the event begins for set up (this is if the
event does not begin
immediately after the pool closes) and 15 minutes after for clean up time. This additional time is billed
to the event sponsor and explained to them at the time they sign up for the event.